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Superior Hunting Blinds

About Us

The website was originally created for a distributor of a hunting blinds manufacturer. For various reasons the website's domain was not renewed by the previous owner, and so the website designer (me, Larry Gowdy) chose to keep the site alive by paying for the domain renewal and updating all of the pages to reflect the new ownership. Instead of only promoting one brand of hunting blinds, the site will now promote several brands of blinds plus include numerous other hunting related material (articles, links, etc.).

The Website had previously gained a bit of popularity on search engines, but since there had been no direct search engine optimization (SEO) beyond what was originally built-in to the coding, the site never gained the ranking that it could have achieved with SEO. In the months to follow I will be applying more SEO to the site with the aim of the site becoming much more useful to all visitors by the site being more easily found on search engines.

At present the aim of the website is to provide you the visitor with useful information about hunting gear and firearms that might not be easily available elsewhere. There are two types of hunters, those that all rural residents hate, and those that rural residents never see because the hunters are conscientious and keep a safe distance from homes and families. This site is intended for use by the second group of hunters, those who rural residents may never know to exist.

Privacy Notice:

We do not collect information about our website visitors, nor do we send unsolicited email. Any email sent to us that does not result in a sale is deleted within 30 to 180 days. Except where required by law to keep records of paying customers for the purposes of reporting revenue to the state and federal governments, and for the purpose of maintaining information about customers' websites and recurring charges, we collect no further data about our customers. Simply stated, we keep all customers' information confidential, we do not sell or lease or in any manner allow a customer's telephone number, email, or physical address to be given to a third party, and if a customer's information is not necessary to be kept on file, then it will be deleted. The same privacy notice applies to all sites owned by Larry Gowdy. This site,, uses third party technology to track users through the use of cookies that enable the visitor to be directed to specific pages and the cookies may be recorded by an affiliate program (including but not exclusively Commission Junction) but the cookies do not collect personally identifiable information about any visitor.

Please email for more information.

Superior Made Hunting Blinds

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hunting supplies, hunting equipment, archery stands, deer stands, duck hunting blinds, and bow hunting blinds. Hunting rifles, pistols, ammunition, and other hunting gear.

This site is not affiliated with nor associated with the Superior Fiberglass hunting blind brand. To our knowledge Superior Fiberglass is either out of business or no longer makes hunting blinds. We build websites for hunters: contact us for more information.

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