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Superior Hunting Blinds

Superior Hunting Blinds river

Different regions require different camouflage.

The three main preferences for a hunting blind are that it is (1) very portable so that it can be carried far into hunting lands, or (2) a sturdy hunting blind that can be left in one spot for years without the hunting blind being damaged by the weather, and (3) the hunting blind is large enough for you to lie down and take a nap if wanted. A five foot square blind is good enough if you only plan to be in the blind for a few hours, but many hunters want to enjoy a weekend of 'get away from the city' hunting.

A short 30-30 trapper can be more than adequate for many types of hunting, and bow hunting also allows for small hunting blinds, but a larger hunting blind is usually favored when a longer rifle is used like the Remington® 700-PSS in .308. Some of us might prefer to not use a blind at all, but rather to use the bipod in the prone position, but safety concerns (other hunters mistaking you for game) keeps us favoring a hunting blind when hunting on public lands.

At 20 to 25 pounds, portable hunting blinds are capable of being carried a mile or two by most hunters. Some of us who live in rough terrain enjoy placing an additional 25 pounds in a backpack - not counting the 20+ pounds of rifle and other gear carried - just so that we can get a decent work-out during a daily five to ten mile hike up and down steep hills. Between the weight of a rifle, pistol, gear, food, water, and a portable hunting blind, expect the total weight to be around 55 to 65 pounds. Many hunters are not accustomed to carrying a load, and they choose instead to drive to the hunting site where they unload the equipment and then drive the 4x4 back to an area a mile or two from the hunting blind. Whichever works best for you, the main idea is to have an enjoyable hunt.

I picked two hunting blinds that I believe are good examples of what might work well. The Ameristep® Intimidator measures 43" x 67" x 74" and weighs about 22 pounds. The Ameristep Doghouse® measures about 60'' x 60'' x 68'' and weighs around 14 pounds but may be more comfortable in chilly weather. Me personally, I would likely choose the Intimidator solely due to the larger size. Heck, a Remington 700-PSS is darn near five foot long by itself already. I would want enough room for a sleeping bag, backpack, gear, and enough grub to last a few days while I take naps and clean my guns. But, of course, it's too easy to hunt in my region, and so for me a hunting trip would be more about getting out of the house than about shooting a critter that I would then have to work to dress.

Hunting blinds made of fiberglass can be a nice choice for individuals who own a bit of land and want to leave the hunting blind in place for years. For me personally, however, I tend to believe that I would rather build a small 'get away' cabin than to use a pre-fabricated fiberglass hunting blind, but that is just my choice, and everyone has different preferences. The main thing is to just pick the hunting blind you like best, and have a relaxing hunt!

Superior Hunting Blinds

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